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At HAWK our focus is to provide hunters with industry-leading product development and technically advanced gear to hunt smarter, safer and stronger. As avid hunters ourselves, we're naturally on the lookout for easier ways to do things in the woods. Sometimes these easier routes aren't just through products, but come in the form of simple tips that most can utilize to make the most out of their time in the woods. In our promised effort to provide hunters with the right tools to get the job done, HAWK introduces "Hunting Hacks™" -  A strategy or technique adopted in order to manage one's time and hunting activities in a more efficient way.

Hunt Stronger. Hunt Safer. Hunt Smarter. HUNT From ABOVE®


Totes and large rubbermade containers are awesome for storing hunting clothes/gear. They
keep things in one place, scent free and dry. The one downside to totes is I find myself
digging through an endless 'black hole' when looking for the right gear or clothing to pull
out. Stuff just gets mangled and seemingly lost in the depths of coats, base layers and an
array of other gear. 

Fortunately with a couple old arrows and zip ties, you can transform your tote into a more
organized and efficient place to store your gear.
Zip tie two retired carbon arrows together, opposite ends from each other.

Most totes and rubber containers have molding grooves where the handles lock on each
side. Insert the ends of two zip tied arrows into these grooves. You can slide the arrows
in/out to fit the length of your container.

Instead of piling all your items onto each other in one mass, you can now hang and separate
select items. I like to put all my base layers, socks and smaller items on the very bottom.
Then hang my outer garments on the added arrows. 
When it's time to go hunting I can quickly reach down and grab my base layers. Then on
goes my bibs/pants, coat, safety harness and it's off to the woods.

Looking to put in a food plot but don't have a way (or budget) to tear up the ground or spread out your dirt? Hook up a pallet with some straps/ropes to your quad, mower or tractor for a fast acting and low budget drag!  

Add a little weight to the top and you can tear up dirt in  timber and areas where the grass is thin or has been burned.

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