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THANK YOU! We truly appreciate your desire to work with & represent HAWK®. We are in continual pursuit of individuals who pride themselves in pushing their creative measures and look to share their story in the outdoors through digital communications.

HAWK® is a Hunter-Driven company committed to ruggedly designed outdoor gear. Never satisfied and refusing to settle, our passion is bringing superior design, quality and performance to products that all hunters can enjoy. Like refining a strategy in the woods, it’s all about evolving.

HAWK HUNTER –What does it mean?
An ambassador of the sport of hunting who strives to promote the outdoors in a positive light while representing and living the HAWK® brand.
Expectations – What does it take?
With the rise of social & digital media, we’re on constant lookout for fresh media portraying the HAWK® brand & gear in a High-Tech, High-Quality image. The following is what we look for in the first year when partnering with a team that wishes to become HAWK HUNTERS.

Lifestyle Photography-

Tell your story through the eye of a camera while using & showing HAWK® gear. Photos can range from offseason prep work to in the field hunting action; anywhere you can find a use for HAWK® gear! We’ll use these photos for social media, websites and print work.

  • Requirement: 25 APPORVED Photos/year.

Game Harvest Photography -

Congrats on your kill! We know there is a lot of excitement & raw emotion in this stage. After all the chaos is over, and the camera comes out, snap some photos representing the HAWK® brand with your trophy. Photos should include HAWK® branded apparel or HAWK® gear.

  • Requirement: As many animals as you or your team harvests.

HAWK Gear Videos -

Each HAWK product in our lineup has its own use and strong point in the woods. To show the innovation, practicality and uses of each HAWK® item, videos for individual products work best. Set the stage with an introduction to yourself (or team) what type of hunting you do and how the HAWK® product you are demonstrating helps you Hunt Stronger. Safer. Smarter. and ultimately HUNT FROM ABOVE®. Work strategically with our in-house team to draft videos and hit on key points/features for each product ( product guidelines will be provided). Use these videos as an avenue to brand your team with b-roll from the field using the product you are talking about.

  • Requirements: MINIMUM 3 APPROVED Videos/year 1-1:30 minute length


To Hunt From Above doesn’t just mean you’re using the best gear available to bow hunters, it means you push your boundaries and limits day in and day out to be the strongest, most efficient hunter you can be. Hunt From Above isn’t just our tagline , it’s a lifestyle.

  • Requirements: Include #HUNTFROMABOVE on every social media (FB, Instagram etc.) post that pertains to or shows HAWK.

In Return For – What do HAWK HUNTERS get?

HAWK HUNTERS are eligible to purchase HAWK® gear through our website by receiving an Industry PRO Price Discount which equals to 40% off retail on most items. In addition, you or your team will receive full credit wherever your media is used to bounce back supporters to your site or page. Redirection will include Social Media, HAWK website posts and more.

Those who work hard to keep in contact and work with our HAWK® team to meet the above requirements in a fresh, creative way for the first year will be rewarded as we move towards growing a more defined relationship in year two and beyond. We work hard at continually growing our program through regular communication and networking opportunities.

This is a ONE YEAR HAWK HUNTER agreement and only contributing hunters to the listed requirements will be renewed for Year Two, in which they will receive more opportunities and benefits. The longer a HAWK HUNTER works on our team, the more perks offered.

We hold our HAWK HUNTERS to a high standard too not only produce high quality content, but to represent and support them selves in a professional manor. This role is a privilege and is contingent on constantly following all guidelines.  HAWK® reserves the right to discontinue this offer at anytime without notice. Not a paid position –Independent contractor who performs service ‘at will’. 

If you believe that you would meet the qualifications required for any of the above opportunities, please use our submission form below to apply.  If you have additional questions, please contact Cliff Enzor at 810-626-3026 ext. 6 or e-mail cliff@hawkhunting.com 


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