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These are the Professionals that hunt 300 days a year and put our product through the ultimate, rigorous testing.  Ask them what it's like to HUNT FROM ABOVE, instead of hunting like the rest.

Raised Hunting, Outdoor Channel®


"Hawk® Has come out with the HELIUM™ Aluminum Hang-On, a treestand that is light and durable, one I am willing to pack anywhere in Elk country!" - David

"The entire Hawk® accessory line is changing the way I hunt!  Finally, screw-in tips that go into a tree so easily that even woman hunters like myself can put in their own hangers…it is effortless to screw in no matter what kind of tree!  The Twist-Up Hoist Rope means I never have to learn how to tie another knot!" - Karin

"The HAWK® GoGadget™ Bow Arm is great because I can position my bow out in front of me, this way I don't have to turn around and make a lot of movement and risk spooking game to get my bow." - Easton

"I love the HAWK® raZOR™ Aluminum Climbing Sticks, they are quick to set up and sturdy, not to mention great for cold days because they have more then enough grip!" - Warren


Whitetail Fix

"Sturdy, quiet, and comfortable are necessities when selecting a tree stand and our friends at Hawk nailed it." - Jesse Fulwider, Team Whitetail Fix.

"You want to kill kill him, hunt him like a Hawk!" - Jeremy "Worm" Borges, Team Whitetail Fix.

"Hawk stands are second to none!  Durability, lightweight, quietness, safety, and ease of hanging were all priorities that were factored into the engineering of these innovative, ground-breaking stands!  Hawk's extensive line of accessories are unmatched when it comes to creativity and ingenuity!" - Ernie DeSantis, Vice President-Marketing, Whitetail Fix, LLC.

"Lightest, quietest, and most durable stands I've ever used!" - Chuck Weldon, Social Media Director, Whitetail Fix, LLC



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