HAWK® Treestand Registration

Register your HAWK® product to validate your Limited Warranty. Includes Treestands, Ladderstands, Climbing Stands and Climbing Sticks.

Completely fill out registration fields below and submit within 30 days of purchasing. Retain copy of sales receipt as this is required should your product ever need warranty service.

If you submit this registration for every relevant HAWK® product you purchase and receive the corresponding confirmation e-mail(s), you do NOT need to also submit the product registration paperwork included with your product and instrucitons.

  • Product owner's name
  • Required. Will only use for sending Warranty Confirmation.
  • The date you officially purchased the product from retailer/dealer.
    Date Format: MM slash DD slash YYYY
  • Enter the official name of the retailer/dealer you purchased the product from. Note: Warranties only apply to puroduct purchased from Official, Authorized Retailers/Dealers.
  • Please enter the official product name you are registering for warranty. Example: WarBird Climbing Treestand.
  • Please enter the official HAWK® Model #. This can be typically found next to the UPC bar code on the packaging. Example: '2000' is the model number for our COMBAT™ Hang-On Treestand.
  • Find the date code stamped on your product. Example: 032017
  • Date Format: MM slash DD slash YYYY
    By typing your name in these fields (will be considered the same as signing your name) and submitting this registration card, the user acknowledges he or she has read and understands the safety, warnings, instructions and warranty provided with this product. User accepts said warranties and limitations thereon, as listed. User’s signature also acknowledges user fully understand the importance of using a full body fall arrest safety harness at all times when leaving ground and has risk of injury or death if full body fall arrest safety harness is not used while using this product.