Mufasa was a buck that I have had on trial camera the past few years. Last year, he showed up mid December which was after I had already filled my KS tag. He was huge, definitely the biggest whitetail I had ever had on trail camera. I knew going into 2016, he was going to be my main focus. I put out what I thought was way too many trail cameras this past summer in search of him. When in reality, it probably wasn’t enough.

I ran cameras all summer, but would only get pictures of him every 3-4 weeks. Then the calendar changed to October and the crops started getting harvested everywhere. Once the crops were out, I started getting pictures of him almost everyday. I made one mock scrape the first week of October. Then we had a few days of high pressure weather on the 8th and the 9th where I had him in daylight on the mock scrape.

There was a big weather front blowing in on October 12th that had some rain, high pressure and temperature drop along with the rising moon. I knew I had to hunt, especially with the recent trail camera pictures of him in daylight. We got to the stand early that afternoon, and the high temperature that day was only in the mid 50s. This was a big change from the 70 and 80 degree highs we had been having earlier that week.

It was a very windy day, but as soon as the sun started setting and the wind started dying down the deer started moving and filtering out into the cut corn field we were sitting over. We finally spotted Mufasa back in the timber making a scrape. He then walked out to the edge of the field and made another scrape. After the second scrape he made, he started to turn away from us and walk the other way. So I dug my grunt call out of my bag and grunted at him. He instantly snort wheezed back at me, so I snort wheezed at him. He started walking our way. We lost sight of him behind a big branch that was still filled with leaves. Seemed like an eternity went by, when actually it was only a minute or two and then he stepped out at 30 yards and came into 20 yards and made another scrape.

He went about 60 yards from that scrape and expired in the field. I honestly was in shock for hours after I laid my hands on him. It was a dream of mine for so many days to get a chance at him. Then it all came together so quickly in October! I couldn’t believe what had happened. I sat in the stand 4 times for him this year. Only hunting when the conditions were right.

He is everything I dreamed him to be. I am truly blessed and very fortunate to be able to hunt such a rare animal like this. I can’t thank all my friends, family and wife for all the encouragement along the way that helped keep me motivated.

Score: Gross 226 2/8″ Net 217″
Age: 6.5
Date: October 12, 2016
Location: Council Grove, KS
Treestand Model: HAWK Combat Hang-On
Other Hawk Gear: Tactical Solo Tree HookXtendible Bow Arm


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