HAWK® utilizes TreeCam™ anti-spin anchor for a solid, spin free tree accessories.

HAWK® , industry leader in innovative, hunter driven treestand design and accessories, introduces their new TreeCam™ anti-spin anchoring system.  With the TreeCam™, it’s as simple as flipping a lever that bites into the tree bark and securely holds your accessory in the tree. It’s that easy. The combination of HAWK ‘s® sharp AugerTip™ screw thread, and the TreeCam™ locking mechanism ensures that the accessory arm wont shift or spin- regardless of what it is holding!

The TreeCam™ is quiet and sturdy- handling anything the hunter can dish out and can be found on many HAWK® accessory tree arms. From cameras and bows, to guns and backpacks, the TreeCam™ will make sure that the only movement in the tree is the bow being drawn.

About HAWK® Treestands:

HAWK® is a privately held group based in Frankenmuth, MI. HAWK® is a hunter driven company committed to ruggedly-designed outdoor gear. Never satisfied and refusing to settle, our passion is bringing superior design, quality and performance to products that all hunters can enjoy. Like refining a strategy in the woods, it’s all about evolving. HUNT STRONGER. SAFER. SMARTER. HUNT FROM ABOVE.® – For more information about HAWK® Hunting please call 810-626-3026 or visit www.hawkhunting.com.

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