The Story of ‘KNEE HIGH’ – 172″ IL Brute

With a season of trials and tribulations drawing to an end, Evan Smith climbed into his stand on the 1st of January with high hopes of harvesting a deer he called Knee High. Little did he know that only thirty minutes after being in the stand, that very deer would be standing twenty yards in front of his dad. Evan’s dad, Craig Smith, passed on the deer knowing how hard his son had worked to have the chance to harvest him. The Illinois giant slowly made his way through the hardwoods, where he would soon put on a show for Evan. As he came into view, it would take 12 minutes, a scrape and a rub to get to the moment of full draw. This would become the hunt of a lifetime for Evan and also a hunt that proves a fathers love for his son!


Score: 172 1/8″

Age: 5 1/2 yr old

Date: 1/1/16

Location: Illinois

Treestand: Helium XL

Other Gear: Ranger Traction Climbing SticksSpeed Retract Hoist Reel

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